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About The Traveling Wilder

The Traveling Wilder is more than an antique store. For me, it's a passion to hunt for antiques, find unique items, and share their stories with others.

We have traveled all over the country, building a large network with antique experts, buying antiques that were special to us and have a great story behind them.

One of the most rewarding parts of our hunting expeditions is finding hidden treasures inside of the things we buy. We've been fortunate enough to find pictures, love letters, and other personal items that make connecting to the past even better!

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Interior Design

We have all resources needed to make your home or office unique to taste. We offer professional design services home and business. Every client is different and we don’t just "box up" a package that will work for everyone. You’re special, so your style should be as well.


Delivery available throughout New England as well as national shipping.

More Than Brick and Mortar

Online Shopping

We accommodate online shopping for those who cannot visit us in person. Shop our items now

Local Business Support

As a local business, The Traveling Wilder feels passionately about other local businesses. We work together with our local shops, displaying their goods and services.


The Traveling Wilder hosts networking nights for local artists and fans alike. Follow us to find out dates for events. We are part of a huge network for antiques and vintage. If you're looking for connections in your area, or ours, we can provide a link for you!


"Our hours vary during the day. You can always catch us in the store at night."
The Travling Wilder is a family-owned and operated business. We enjoy what we do and we do what we enjoy. Antiques and history inspire us to share things that we find with others.
Our mission is to bring special items locally and worldwide. The store front creates a special experience for people walking by, to make discoveries and leave seeing something they've never seen before. We want to provide competitive prices for those looking for something specific that might otherwise be difficult to find.
"The Traveling Wilder specializes in unique, attractive pieces that can make a person say to themselves, "This reminds me of..." or "Wow! I've never seen anything like this-I can use it for..." .
"We sort of took advantage of a real estate opportunity--opening a factory in the South Pole, employing hybrid human/penguin elves to build all of our stuff".
"Mr. Wilder has been buying and selling antiques for 20+ years. We've been selling online for under 5 years. click here to check out our items online"

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180 Greenwood Avenue Bethel, CT, USA

Looking for something specific? Email us and we will let you know when we have it!